The Garden Experience, Revised and Expandend


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Your purpose and destiny doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Too often many of us find ourselves going through the motions of life, while never feeling as though we are making a difference. We often struggle with questions concerning our reason for existence, and discovering what our contribution to this world is supposed to be. The monotony of living a life devoid of purpose leaves us feeling disappointed, disconnected, and frustrated about the condition of our lives. God has created every individual with a purpose, and that purpose is amazing!

A 2018 Gospel Image Award Book nominee, the Garden Experience, reveals practical yet insightful keys that will help the reader begin to connect with God’s plan for their life. The Garden Experience provides the necessary tools to help readers understand what it means to have their identity rooted in God and to exercise dominion authority in every facet in life. This book was written for people who are ready to live an intentional life of victory, and to discover what it means to” Live a Life of Purpose, on Purpose!”





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Our perspective greatly influences our ability to successfully engage this world. The wrong perspective of who we are, and more specifically who we are in God, will hinder our ability to live out our God-given purpose. This book was written to encourage people, who for whatever reason, have hit a roadblock in their pursuit of purpose. Through the examples referenced in the book, the hope is that the reader will be able to recognize similarities that exist between themselves and the characters being highlighted. Through this process of identification and examination, the reader will come to recognize the availability of solutions to address their own issues and come into a place of greater fulfillment.

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